Internet and networking connectivity has become a requirement for many consumer and industrial products. EZ Web Lynx embedded modules enable you to quickly add monitoring and control capability from an internet-ready mobile device or PC to your own products. The following applications are presented to spark some design ideas of your own, as well as to illustrate how easy it is to embed EZ Web Lynx in your designs.


The EZ Web Lynx can be used to remotely monitor the temperature of any location, including a freezer or refrigerator, and send emails when temperatures exceed set values.

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The EZ Web Lynx can be used to parse through the serial data of a device like a GPS. This information can then be queried via HTML using the special HTML tags that the EZ Web Lynx handles.

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Cooling Unit

Attaching a sensor array to the EZ Web Lynx can give you a wealth of information about a certain process. For example, one can attach multiple temperature sensors to a motor being tested under extremely cold temperatures.

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HVAC Control Panel

By attaching an EZ Web Lynx to your HVAC system you can instantly gain remote access to it. Allowing one to adjust it without having to walk all the way to it or know how the manual controls work.

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