Monitor. Control. Deploy with EZ Web Lynx.

EZ Web Lynx modules can easily be added to any existing electronic design to add Ethernet or WiFi connectivity, reducing engineering development time and cost. The modules feature digital I/O and analog inputs, I2C and serial interfaces, PWM and timer channels for sensing and control. They serve custom HTML dynamic web pages and send email notifications of event driven alarms and/or daily status.

Click here to watch a webinar from Microchip about the EZ Web Lynx.

Model Ethernet WiFi Interface Digital & Analog I/O Pins Security
Total Digital
PWM Timer
EZ Web Lynx - 3.3V 10BASE-T   I2C and Serial 17 17 max 6 max      
EZ Web Lynx - 5V 10BASE-T   I2C and Serial 11 11 max 5 max 1 max 1 max  
EZ Web Lynx WiFi - 3.3V   802.11 b/g/n I2C and Serial 17 17 max 6 max 4 max 4 max WEP/WPA

Choose from three different EZ Web Lynx models to meet your needs for operating voltage, I/O capability and connectivity. All models are supported by low cost development kits to get your products to market fast. View development kit: 3.3V, 5V, WiFi

EZ Web Lynx - 3.3V

Add monitoring and control capability from any internet-ready mobile device or PC to your products. The module contains an integrated web server to bridge it's 17 I/O pins to any 10BASE-T Ethernet port.

EZ Web Lynx - 5V

If you need an EZ Web Lynx embedded module that runs at 5V or require a PWM or timer channel, this model will fit your needs. Use it to bridge analog and digital sensors, switches, relay drivers, motor drives and controls to your Ethernet network or internet.

EZ Web Lynx WiFi - 3.3V

Eliminate the complexity and cost of developing your own RF circuitry. Add wireless monitoring and control capability to your products with EZ Web Lynx WiFi - 3.3V. It also features a higher performance MCU with additional PWM and timer channels for more demanding applications.