3.3V EZ Web Lynx Development Kit

EZ Web Lynx development kits help get your products to market fast.

Low cost development kits include all hardware, software and documentation needed to speed integration of EZ WEB LYNX modules into your design. Monitor and control analog and digital I/O on the docking station using custom HTML tags. Use the IDE to develop custom dynamic web pages and send alarm/status emails simply by programming in HTML. Complete documentation includes design examples for temperature monitoring, using conditional HTML tags and controlling pin I/O.

Price: $149.00
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Adds monitoring and control capability to your products from any internet-ready mobile device or PC

  • Provides access to data through any 10BASE-T port
  • Serves custom HTML dynamic web pages for displaying data
  • Sends email notifications of event driven alarms and/or daily status

Interfaces to analog and digital sensors, switches, relay drivers, motor drives and controls

  • Any I/O pin can be used for digital I/O. 3.3V devices have 17 I/O pins. 5V devices have 11
  • 6 I/O pins can be used as analog inputs on 3.3V devices; 5 pins on 5V devices. Analog inputs have a range from Vdd to GND and a resolution of (Vdd-GND)/256
  • 2 I/O pins can communicate with Dallas sensors over an I2C bus to monitor temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • 2 I/O pins can be used to implement a serial communications channel
  • 5V devices also allow one pin to be configured as PWM; one as timer
  • Configurable serial capture buffer allows EZ Web Lynx to automatically capture a specific frame of serial data based on user specified start and stop conditions
  • 256 8-bit volatile and non-volatile registers are provided for data storage

Reduces development time and cost to get your products online

  • Integrated web server bridges device I/O to Ethernet, reducing hardware and software development time
  • Uses custom HTML tags to access and control all device I/O, PWM and timer channels, etc
  • Serial AT command interface allows user to configure and operate the device without the need of a network connection
  • UDP server interface included with EZ Web Lynx to accept AT commands and works with the EZ Web Lynx IDE to configure the device
  • HTTP CGI interface commands can be issued to the EZ Web Lynx using HTTP CGI GET and POST commands

Easily integrated into networks

  • EZ Web Lynx permits full modification of its networking settings, allowing it to be used in a variety of network environments

Device configuration protected from unauthorized modification

  • Device Lock password protects EZ Web Lynx from changing the configuration of the device
  • Pin Lock allows I/O pins to be individually locked in their current state to prevent mode configurations from being modified

Development Kit Includes:

  • Two EZ Web Lynx devices
  • Docking Station - Hardware platform for programming and testing *
  • 9V Power Supply
  • Network Cable
  • Serial to PC Cable
  • Host Ribbon Cable
  • EZ Web Lynx Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software
  • User Manual

* Docking Station Features:

  • Integrated connector for the EZ Web Lynx device
  • Red/Green bi-color LEDs to indicate the high/low voltage state of each pin
  • User terminal block to access the I/O pins
  • RS232 level converter and serial connector (PC to Docking Station) for serial communication. Isolate the RS-232 chip from the device with DIP switch
  • Connector for 2 x 16 character LCD module (Not included)
  • Dallas DS1631 temperature sensor with isolating DIP switch
  • Connector for In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer module (In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer sold seperately. Click here for more information on In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer units.)

Board Layout