EZ Web Lynx Software

EZ Web Lynx IDE

The EZ Web Lynx IDE allows you to quickly develop custom dynamic web pages and send alarm status emails simply by programming in HTML. The IDE features an HTML editor with multiple views (WYSIWYG, HTML, Internet Explorer) and simulator to speed up HTML development and functional testing of the website.

EZ Web Lynx IDE

Use custom HTML tags to access and control all device I/O, I2C and serial channels:

<!--(PIN X ANALOG)-->
Reads analog value from pin x on EZ Web Lynx.
<!--(IF PIN X=n)--> ... <!--(ENDIF)-->
HTML displayed only if pin x on EZ Web Lynx is equal to value n.
Sets the value of pin x on EZ Web Lynx equal to VALUE.
Sends VALUE through serial port on EZ Web Lynx.
Reads the Fahrenheit temperature from sensor X on EZ Web Lynx.

Create custom firmware using C

EZ Web Lynx comes fully loaded with firmware developed by our engineers. The program is designed to allow the EZ Web Lynx device to achieve all of the features and specifications listed in this website. If there is a feature that you are looking for that is not included, you are not limited to what we have designed. The microcontroller on this device allows the user to create unique firmware using a few simple tools and some C programming.

In order to create your own firmware you will need:

Software Downloads

CCS offers users the ability to update their EZ Web Lynx IDE software at any time. See the version information below to see what updates have been made.

EZ Web Lynx IDE - Download
Version Updates
  • Exception when adding custom tag fixed
  • Support for EZ Web Lynx WiFi added
  • Bug fixes
  • Initial Release