New Embedded WiFi Module from CCS, Inc.

Integrated Web Server and 802.11 Transceiver Bridges Device I/O to Wireless Router

CCS is excited to announce EZ Web Lynx-Wifi, an embedded module that enables engineers to quickly add wireless monitoring and control capability from any internet-ready mobile device or PC to their products.

Ez Web Lynx-WiFi is based on Microchip's MRF24WB0MB agency certified IEEE 802.11 WiFi radio transceiver module and features a Microchip PIC® 18F67K22 MCU with nanoWatt XLPTM technology for low power consumption. Its highly flexible I/O features digital and analog inputs, I2C and serial interfaces, and multiple PWM and timer channels. The embedded module is easily interfaced to analog and digital sensors, switches, relay drivers, motor drives and controls.

EZ Web Lynx-WiFi serves dynamic web pages for monitoring and control. It can also send email notifications of event driven alarms and/or daily status. CCS developed firmware provides access and control of all module I/O through custom HTML tags, enabling users to develop their software completely in HTML.

A $179 development kit includes all hardware, software and documentation to speed integration of EZ web Lynx-WiFi into a design. The hardware includes a docking station with power supply, digital and analog inputs, temperature sensor and indicator LEDs. An IDE with HTML editor and simulator speeds up HTML development and functional testing of the served website. Complete documentation includes design examples for temperature monitoring, using conditional HTML tags and controlling pin I/O.

Pricing and Availability

EZ Web Lynx-WiFi is available now and priced at $80 in 100 unit quantities. The EZ Web Lynx-WiFi development kit will be available soon. For more information on EZ Web Lynx-WiFi, go to

PIC®MCU and nanoWatt XLPTM are a registered trades of Microchip Technology Inc in the U.S.A and other countries.